Best tool for making half moons?


I use nail tip paint and I paint them on with the 20/0 tiny line brush.
sorry, not the best pic of them…


I use some nail tip white but I mix with some flesh 08, nail tip is way to white then use a tiny brush with little paint on the tip


I will find some pics later Kristin but my photobucket acct. is a mess and I have to take Megan to soccer! I use my detail brush and I use the same color I use for my tips…I really only make distinct half moons on the thumbs and then I make more like tiny lines with a hint of a circle shape on the other fingers…very close to the skin at the top of the nail if you know what I mean! I also use a bit more of the color I use on the actual nail closer to the tip and it gives it a nice rosy color and looks pretty! LOL! Pics later!


I make the moon very light and the tips with slightly more color.


Make the moons lighter than the tips. A good way to do it is get the line on then take a pointed toothpick and form the half circle that way I hope that this helps. When I say lighter I mean not as bright lol. I mix the nail tip white with flesh 08 hugs Debbie


Hi! I do mine by painting the whole nail one thin layer of purple, then NOT painting the moons the regular nail color. Does that make sense?