Best size of baby to sell


Hello, I’m needing some advice. I did a reborn (toddler Arianna) for my granddaughter for Christmas. I found I really enjoyed the process and would like to do a few to sell. I don’t want to go into business just one here and there. What is the best size (age) to reborn to sell? I don’t want to reborn one and have it sitting around for months before someone buys it. Thanks so much!!!


Newborns or larger preemies sell well for me. But also toddlers can sell really well if they’re nicely done.


I think it has to do more with quality rather than size. A good quality doll will sell, no matter the size. But mediocre babies of all sizes can sit around for months. Try looking at the adopted babies section on That will give you an idea of what people are wanting and how to price them right.


Sometimes you have to wait a couple months even if you have a well done baby. I had one sit for a couple months but I just sold her…well, now she’s a him, but sold :wink: I have a big bin and I dress them in their sleepers and wrap them in a blanket with their lovies and they wait until its time to go home.


I am so glad this sweetheart found a home! I really wanted that lady to buy her. That smile is just heart melting and she is so beautifully painted!


Thank you :slight_smile: . I sold my Priscilla as well :wink:


I think most people are looking for newborn size, say somewhere between 18 and 22 inches but everyone has their type, some people only want toddlers while some want mini’s and others want both and everything in between.


Congrat for the sale ! She deserve it !


Beautiful baby! I love that sweet smile!


I will say that reborns, these days, either sell really fast or sit for weeks or months regardless of how well they are painted. There has been soooo many discussions about sales being down due to the influx of dolls on the market these days. I only started painting like 4 years ago and I used to paint 20 to 40 dolls a year. As soon as I listed a doll it sold within a day. Now, I only paint 3 or 4 a year and list them at Christmas only because sales suck…lol!
So, paint what type of doll you enjoy and what brings you joy because there is no rhyme or reason to what sells and what doesn’t these days and painting specifically to sell and earn money is a gamble.
On the flip side if I wanted to only do customs I could be very busy as I get requests almost daily. But I got out of customs because they were so stressful for me and I paint as a hobby and as a stress releaser.


So sweet idea to give them their lovies. I liked when I received my reborn from @jlesser she sent him with a little doggy to keep him a company in his travels in a dark box. I still keep them together in the bassinet :blush:


My dear Katina, I’ll disagree with you. I saw so many not well painted reborns sold just because of the price range $160-$170 around Christmas time. My only explanation to that was that people were buying them for little kids (even that every listing stated that is not a toy) as presents, while gorgeous reborns were ‘stack’ in their listings. But I do agree with you that good quality doll eventually will sell. Just said when artists keep reducing prices and those dolls are still there.


My nursery is called Reborns by Zebra. People with my disease are called zebras due to a saying in the medical community that when you hear hoofbeats you look for a horse and not a zebra. Many people with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome go undiagnosed, sometimes for their entire lives and their problems are blamed from everything to being clumsy (dislocations and fractures) to fibro, due to pain, or worse… being hypochondriacs. I send most of my babies home with stuffed zebras or little zebras with little blankets attached called “doudou” here in France. If I don’t send home a zebra lovey I send another doudou or stuffed animal with something else zebra like a paci holder. I also send information about EDS to spread awareness.


That is great! And I did noticed zebra theme on your postings and read your story on exercise discussion, I just didn’t know that it was related to your conditions. So thank you for that education. I love to travel and I only been in France once and fell in love with Paris. So hopefully I might visit France again in a future and may be meet you. I wish you the best! You are a wonderful reborn artist and I always enjoy to read you thoughtful and witty comments. You make me smile so often! Thank you for being YOU!


Yelena, aren’t you loving this forum?! It’s amazing how quickly you become friends with people on here. I’m glad you found us!


Awe, thank you and I love Paris as well but its sad how much tourists miss out on the rest of France…my husband is French so I have a free tour guide. My first visit here was on our honeymoon and we went everywhere, it was lots of fun and I was amazed how such a small country can have such vast and changing scenery and topography.


I am glad that you pointed me to it :wink:. Since I am kind of late to all this Reborn World, I am learning A LOT here and trying not to miss anything, and I should admit it’s kind of addictive and very time consuming. Bonus to all that - hopefully my English writing will become better :rofl: Yes, people are wonderful here! Plus it help me to put reborns nursery names to the ‘faces’/forum names (which some time are not the same, but I can put 2 +2 together because I know their babies :thinking:).


It is crazy addicting. Hard to get anything else done. Just want to paint and root all day :grimacing: