Best "Recipe" For Fake Milk


What is our favorite “recipe” for fake milk? I searched the board, but a lot of the milk posts are older. I used to use fabric softener, but it gets thick/solid over time.


I’ve tried a lot of them, and all that I’ve tried have some downside. Right now I’m using lotion and water mixed, and a drop or two of yellow paint so it’s not quite as white. It settles a bit at the bottom every now and then, but it’s better than most of the ones I’ve tried. :slight_smile:
Different lotions have different results. I tried a few that I had until I found one that had the right consistency


What type of lotion did you end up liking the best?


One of them was some avon lotion, I think. I’m not sure the exact type. Then I found Jergen’s to be pretty close. I also tried cetaphil baby which was too watery and way too yellow.
Here’s a comparison pic I took. Cetaphil is the first, I believe Jergen’s is the 2nd and the avon is the third and fourth (they have a different amount of paint but they’re the same otherwise) Cetaphil has no paint in it, that’s just the color of the lotion


That’s very helpful, thank you!


No problem :slight_smile: These are just the ones I had on hand, there may be others that work just as well or better. I’d recommend just experimenting with different kinds and amounts of water til you get what you want.
I’ve had these sitting for 2+ months now and they’re still fine, just a little settling every now and then. A quick shake gets them mixed back up


I brought a bottle of the trick milk last year. I’ve only made 1 bottle with it. There was a discussion about whether it changes color or stains the bottle.


I used dawny “ultra sun” with yellow cap. Just a little in 2oz bottle and it looks like perfect breastmilk shade. I made it back in April and it’s still holding. Doesn’t separate.


This little guy soooo adorable!


Isn’t she! It’s Blessing by Marita Winters. She’s just the most precious! Love everything about this kit, especially her size.


School glue and distilled water .


Sorry with the stripes I assumed boy but my what a gorgeous lil girl she is!


I know lol I just didn’t have a preemie girl sleeper, this baby is so tiny that even normal preemie, like carter’s preemie, is way too big.


I have been craving making a really tiny baby I will be seriously considering her!


You should! She’s 15 inches or so, but she’s skinny and petite. Marita sculpts some of the best preemies and micro babies.


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I’ve used jergens and water. It has held for over a year :blush:


I tried the fabric softener and it got thick. I need to try the lotion and miracle milk. But someone suggested fiberfill in the bottle the is working for me right now.


Can I see your fiberfill bottle when u get a chance. I’ve always been curious about those.


Me too never even heard of the idea, now I am intrigued


Ive always used the fabric softener and havent had an issue, but now I’m curious about the fibrefill too