Best Places to Buy Kits?

Besides Bountiful Baby, and MacPherson’s, where do you love to shop for kits? I love looking at all possibilities, and would love to find some more places besides Bountiful Baby that make reasonably priced kits. I love it here, but just like to have variety too! :dizzy:

My other ones are winterswhimsies and clymer creations. I love their elves and mini babies and all the rest. They are available thru irrestibles too I think. I have a few others that I have gotten on sale but the majority of my kits are from BB.

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In addition to BB, Dolls by Sandie, Dolls So Real, Secrist, Apple Valley Doll Works, MacPhersons and Irresistibles, Winters Whimsies and Clymer Creations are all good and reputable dealers.


Oh I love Clymer’s babies. I’ve been trying to buy up all the ones I can find. Aside from the places already mentioned, I buy from Nonies Angel’s Nursery alot too. I’ve done a few pre-orders with her also and everything has always been a breeze. I look there first before going to other sites, but her store is really small and has limited things to choose from.

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