Best place to buy prisma pencil singles?

Well happy Thanksgiving!!
What is the best place to get single prisma pencils online? Nearest store that sells singles is over an hour away and I won’t be going that way anytime soon. I need black cherry, dark umber (something like that) and black.

If you’ve got Amazon Prime you should check out the sets. You may find that a set that includes the colors you want is cheaper than buying the individual pencils + shipping.

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Thank you! I’ll check into that, as I have prime for TV and movies so might as well get something else outta it lol
I never thought to check Amazon lol

That’s where I bought mine from. I found the big 150-count listed as a Subscribe & Save item, and then they offered me a 20% discount if I subscribed. I did it, and then unsubscribed as soon as they were delivered. I got that whole set for under $60! They sell the smaller sets, too, for way less than the craft stores.

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Oh that’s awesome! I got my favorite brush set from Amazon so don’t why I didn’t think to check there lol. I have 2 sets of prisma pencils already but my main 3 were broken to bits tonight lol

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Oh no! Broken Prismas would make me cry. Amazon’s very hit-or-miss on art supplies, I’ve found. Some stuff is super cheap and some is twice the price of Michaels. I just bought Liquitex and mediums from Amazon this morning so I can finally get painting my Faith kit. Even with Michaels having a 40% off your whole purchase code, it was still way cheaper at Amazon.

I used liquidtex prior to moving to art &magic waterborne air dry paints and they’ve just sat in a box since lol. Hobby lobby was so expensive on their mediums, $26.99 for a bottle of liquidtex matte varnish! Granted, I made tons of babies and still have over half the bottle left but expensive!
I’ve only bought brushes on Amazon as far as art supplies, I’ve been looking at kabuki brushes on there as well.

I buy derwent inktense pencils and other supplies from I don’t know price comparison for prisma pencils, but they do ship fast.

Michaels was crazy, too. Amazon had the Flow Effects 4oz for $9 and the Basics Matte Fluid Medium 8oz for $8. They had the 48-count Liquitex Basics set for just $34. I know it’s not quite as “professional” as the Soft Body or Hard Body, but I’m just making dolls for me and having a greater selection of pre-mixed colors will work better for me.

I get mine on Ebay

I get mine indiviually at Michael’s and use their coupons.


I buy mine individually at Hobby Lobby. I only regularly buy 3 colors: lavender and black cherry for nail beds, sepia for hair undertones.

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