Best Glue


What is the best glue to use if I may have to re-root just random parts of the head in the future?

I know e600 does not hold up well to heat, and also is rock hard…

Liquid fusion I like, nice and flexible, and I have roots through it on pluggy Barbie type dolls when
the head split… held up well…but am not sure how it would hold up to heat and if it would grab/hold individual hairs from a tiny needle.

Haven’t tried gem-tack for rooted heads… I hear it is heat proof and flexible… But does heat change it’s texture? Has anyone else tried this?



I use Liquitex Matte Gel.


I use Liquitex as well but have recently started using Crafters Pick. It won’t pull away from the vinyl.


I’ll have to check that out! Does it go on smooth like the LMG? @Blissfulbabies


Is it soft and flexible? Heat resistant?
Could I root into it once cured?


I use Aleene’s OK to Wash It. It’s clear, flexible and waterproof. You can root through it if necessary and then reseal.
I don’t know if you can heat it, though.


I stared using Modpodge and I liked how it dried without any stickiness like the tacky glue does. Does modpodge not hold up well or is it alright to use?


It’s a lot like Elmer’s as far as consistency. You can still root into it afterwards. It’s flexible and water resistant. As far as being heat resistant…I don’t know. A LOT of glues will eventually pull away from vinyl but Crafters Pick will NOT.