Best eye size for Gabriel

I know it says 20mm, but would 22’s look better? Also… What would be the most realistic color for him? I scored an old style Gabriel!!! So excited! I had posted my old baby pic of myself and yall matched me with Gabriel. I am going to reborn him for my mom… And try again to get her to like my reborning.


I’m not sure if it helps, but I’m working on the new Gabriel right now and am using the 20 mm eyes. They are a tight fit. Here’s a picture with the 20s if it helps you get an idea of how they look.


Opps, I put the eyes in quickly and just noticed they are a bit cross-eyed… Sorry about that. Not a good look for him.

Wow!!! Gorgeous! Wow!!! Those 20’s look perfect!!! What color did u use?

I’m pretty sure that they are these
I ordered them from bb and I really like them.

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So adorable! I love the crossed eyes. :slight_smile:


Thank you!!! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

He is real cute and the eye color looks really good, I do notice the left eye is quite a bit bigger than the right eye. I hate it when the eyes are off, it makes the eyes very hard to set and look good.

Oh man!!! Like lulu???Z

Yup. I gave Meredith crossed eyes. Some babies just look adorable that way. I remember laughing at the cute cross eyed stare my real babies would give me.