Best Eye Size for 3 Mo Joseph Awake

Hi Everyone! If I want to use BB’s Oval Glass Eyes for 3 mo Joseph Awake, what size should I purchase? The chart on Joseph’s page says to use 22 mm but I swear I heard through the grapevine that you should order a size up for Oval Glass Eyes. I haven’t done an opened eyed kit in forever and I don’t think I’ve used glass eyes yet so I’m completely clueless :confused:

Oval eyes in my opinion looks the best with him. I used 24mm


Such a cute baby boy. He is darling.

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I love that baby!!

Never understood the whole concept of half round versus oval eyes. What is the deciding factor? Socket shape or something else?

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I’d like to know myself…:thinking:

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Okay, let’s find out. Lol

What made you choose oval versus the round, @specialmoments?