Berenguer dolls Free gone Thank you


I am still organizing and have come across some great Berenguer dolls that would be great from practice, a newbie or even one of you artist that want to create a different doll. JUST PAY SHIPPING!


How much it would be for the big once?
Oh my zipcode is 08109


And how much for all? :grin:


checking for you now


both of the large ones I can get in a medium flat rate 13.65
for all in a large flat rate 18.45


or all 3 small and the 2nd largest in a medium flat rate 13.65


That would be great. The 3 little once and the second one. I’ll send you the money in a little bit. If the other one is still available tomorrow and my daughter wants him then I’ll get him too. :blush: thanks. It seems like I should just wait until you have posted all then we can just bundle everything in one big box. :joy:


sounds good, the big one should be fun to reborn he has a lot of detail, in the mouth, creased, hair etc.
I will invoice you for the 13.65 now, thanks


please send your paypal


If you would like to hold off until I am done listing that is okay with me I can hold these for you.
the rest of the listings, will be for some bodies and maybe a few more limbs or test limbs and such, I am getting close now.
If you wish for me to hold these aside, just let me know.