Ben is out of stock. :(

I just went to order Ben and he is out of stock. I wish I had not missed out on him. I went to work this morning figuring I would order him as soon as I got home…WRONG!

I keep hoping for Ember, Tanner, Aisha to be DOTD…I can wish right…

I was thinking about getting him too… I was kinda glad he sold out, it saved me agonizing over the decision! lol.

Do you think that they will put up a new DOTD since this one is sold out?

I thought they would… they did the time Paisley sold out…

Our Deal of the Day is “while supplies last”. In the future, we expect that running out of stock on the Deal of the Day will be a common occurrence. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but we think it will not be uncommon to run out of stock on the Deal of the Day, until the next day when we have the next “Deal of the Day”.

Bountiful Baby