Belly and back for Priscilla

What do you suggest? She’s 18 inches. I see some on BB but it says fits 18-22 inch babies. Will it be too big for her?

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Are you getting the belly plate or the gendered plate? Those gender specific plates are huge. I bought the boy plate for my Azalea. I had to trim it quite a bit. It ended up looking good. But when I first got it, I didn’t think it would ever work. Here’s the before and after.


Btw this is the plate for 18-22”. Azalea is a 19” kit.

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You are so resourceful! I didn’t know that those plates can be trimmed. You did great on size matching!

Wow great job trimming!!! I wouldn’t have thought of that

Thanks. It took trimming in lots of places…neck, armpits, hips, groin…literally nipping tiny bits off til it finally laid right. :woman_facepalming:t2:

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Yeah, I’m not interested in trimming it down. I’d have to find one that fits

Wow! You did a great job with it!