Bella WIP


These are not her eyes, but I hate taking pics with vacant sockets so I threw them in. Anyways. do you have any thoughts on her before I start to root her? Also, what are your thoughts on hair color? I always end up with brown haired babies.


I like her delicate coloring. I think she’d make a sweet blue-eyed



And what’s wrong with brown haired babies? LOL! We never have had any blondes in our family so they always look “different” to me. Brown haired/brown eyed babies always catch my attention!

She will look good with whatever color you choose!


Thank you! THere is nothing wrong with brown haired babies that is why I always end up with them! Maybe it’s because my whole family has dark hair.


I think she’d look great with blonde hair, but any color could work. Great job on her.


I vote baby brown or medium brown…she is really sweet, hurry up and finish so we can see!!!


I love her coloring, I think she would look great in either blond or brown. Can’t wait till she’s finished.

     Hugs Tina


Thank you for all the comments! I will be giving her a light blue wash today then hopefully her painting will be done. I am not looking forward to rooting her big head, but I think I might do blond, but I am not 100% on that yet.