Bella got a makeover! What do you think?

I gave her a haircut, a new body and a tad bit more color. Here is her listing . Please tell me what you think! … 0378054017

Very very cute. She looks awsome. Love the leg warmers. She should do really good for you Nice job.


— Begin quote from “BrendaT”

great pictures! Did you root the eyelashes, you did great, I still haven’t tried that on an open eyed baby. BOL

— End quote

Thank you. I did root her lashes. I just can’t glue on lashes for some reason, so rooting them works better for me.

— Begin quote from ____

Okay, don’t shoot me for this but I think she looks like a boy. A very cute boy! I’m sorry. I know you probably put a lot into her clothing.

— End quote

I won’t shoot you! I can appreciate an honest opinion.