Believe it or not?

I made a portrait baby (in my home state) and according to her mother the new momma completley bonded with her new baby. The woman I sold it to contacted me and told me her daughter had become very ill (cancer) and had lost all of her hair. she told me that her doll had also starting losing her hair. I told her to bring it to me and I would look at her. I saw the baby and it was very odd…I took the head off and there was no sign of any rooting… It almost freaked me out a bit. I rerooted her and sent a Christmas gift to the little girl thanking her for loving the baby so much. I gave her a beating heart for Paige (her baby)… Merry Christmas to all of my reborn doll makers that get a little attached to their babys… I think they mostly go to people that will Love them like they were there real baby’s