Being honest

I don’t think it’s fair that all the good kits including the new releases are only on sale on the wholesale site. And the only sales on the retail site are the old kits they are trying to get rid of. I understand that’s just the way it is, but it’s unfair I’m my opinion. For me to get a new released kit right now I’d end up paying the same as a kit from MacPherson, and taking the risk of the BB kit being a bad vinyl. When you pay $34 for a kit and get the issues soon kits have had you deal with it, but when you have to pay $69 plus $20+ for the body and plugs and get bad vinyl it’s harder to swallow. Maybe I’m just having a down moment, and I oppologise if I am.


Since they want everyone to move over to the wholesale site, I’m sure it’s this way by design.

Well, if I have to pay $100 for a kit, I’m going to MacPherson. I can no longer enjoy sales on BB I guess.


I’m on SSI and just kits when I can on regular site I can’t afford lisence or anything I paint as hobby mostly


You could get the tax paperwork from your state and use the wholesale site if you wanted to.

I’m probably not going to bother for now since I’m trying to move to a state with no taxes, but some people here have done it.

What state do you live in? It was $25 for me to get a vendor’s license in Ohio with my county. It took about 15 minutes online and paid for itself pretty quickly.


It cost nothing here in GA to get a sales tax ID. That is all you need to be on the wholesale site. Now in my county they want me to buy a business license and that cost me money but that was not required to get on the BB site.


I get it.

If you get a tax ID ssi will deduct any money you make from your check. Even if its not profit.

If it shows them via a tax ID they will do it.
Make too much. Which on SSI you cant make extra money they will basically reduce the check to nothing… consider you able to work and you lose your check and your health insurance.

Been there.

A tax ID is a bad idea when on SSI. Imo

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I only going to be getting kits when I can if there a sale and I have enough $ saved for a kit on regular. I have 1 kit left and saving to buy another when I can

I save whatever have extra for month to go towards hobby might take some time but do what got to do

I can’t paint for a few days as I’m waiting on some answers that stuff going on in life at moment though

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I agree that reborns seem to be fading and to be honest I do not think silicone can save it… In my doll groups that are not specific to reborns the collectors are buying from places like Adolly constantly. They know that they are fakes and that these are not the same quality as artists paint, but they do not care. The market of people willing to pay 100 is much larger than that of those willing to pay 500 and up so these companies selling fakes are still doing OK. When that dries up too (and it will because they did this with porcelain art dolls before) then they will leave but the industry will be gone. I was looking forward to Bountiful Baby’s event about intellectual property, but apparently they decided not to live stream.


That is exactly what i thought would happen.
Altbough i do plan to make porcelain dolls. The amount of people giving away molds is insane. And heartbreaking.

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I am excited for you-some molds are starting to have a little bit of a comeback, which I never thought would happen. However it has taken 25-30 years. Those molds stay good for pours unless broken- vinyl is not so stable so I will not be holding any of my reborn kits that long!

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I hope reborns don’t totally go away. Time will tell i suppose.

Can you send me the link please. I’m in Ohio. I tried getting a license. Not sure if I was on the right site. It was saying 250.00

I am not sure how you are going to get around legally not reporting the income now that Paypal will be sending you a 1099 on everything that runs through there. Has nothing to do with whether or not you have a Tax ID. Maybe you work on a cash only basis and don’t use PP or other selling platforms…

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Lol. I wasnt talking about myself. Im on an entirely different system than SSI.

Just pointing out that the way SSI works is most likely the reason she doesn’t want a tax ID. Although with PP new rules its a moot point. You are right.

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You can still get a new realborn kit at list price for $69.95 on BB retail. I dare think you won’t find a new released kit for that price on MacPherson’s or any other site for that matter. I am not knocking other company kits as most of us who pay more for hand sculpted kits feel they are well worth it. I think BB sorta backed themselves into a corner offering so many cheap kit prices. Now some people seem to think it is somehow owed to them to not have to pay the regular BB retail price which is and has always been lower than most everywhere else.


The biggest positive about MACs is free shipping at 100$ i will buy there before i buy a full price BB kit. Just imo.


Free shipping is nice for sure. Maybe BB should consider quit having all these sales and just offer free shipping.


I like the free shipping that macpherson offers as well