Being a BB customer

That is a great question. I think BB showed wisdom in their decision and I’m glad they announced it and put it plain English. I was wondering a bit about the business restraints, but since I haven’t sold anything I just brushed by that.

Welcome to this forum, I saw your first post about the thickness of vinyl on the crown of the head and solving rooting problems. I was grateful for your knowledgeable answer and I meant to respond - but I’m sorting papers in my office trying to clear out ‘stuff’ so I can decorate for Fall/Thanksgiving and hopefully have a Christmas Party. I know it seems early for that but I have energy/heath issues.

Do people buy in bulk from BB and they, in turn, sell to you? It sure would make you a BB consumer, if not a direct customer. I believe they were talking about giving more consideration to customers in the event of complaints. The management at BB is reasonable and they have just validated that with their decision issued today.

You probably won’t have concerns unless you are selling items - buying is not a likely a problem. Issues would only come after someone, who was buying from you, was disappointed and couldn’t or didn’t try to solve it with you directly.

I just read my response and I have to say - I’m not even kinda sorta a legal person, nor do I have any business connection with BB other than I have bought a lot of wonderful supplies from them.

What rules thread? Where? I want to read what I’ve been given preference for!

Edited: NM! Found it. No I never really noticed that giant sticky at the top of the page. I guess I should read it now to find out how to get preference.