Beginner reborn kits

What is the first reborn kit you ever owned or painted? Also what kit or kits would you recommend to a beginning painter?

First kit I bought was real born Asher asleep but first kit I painted was 13 inch Caleb. My advice would be to do a newborn sized sleeping baby first. The little babies seem easier but they’re really not

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Lulu by Jen Printy was my very first one. I can’t believe how much I improved since. In my opinion, It’s good to start with newborn sized, open eyed baby first because in the future you will not have a lot of problems with inserting the eyes in.

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My first painted kit (11 mo ago) was Ella only because she was on sale at that time :rofl:
But she was easy to paint, as she is a perfect size sleeping baby with opened hands.

My first was Gemma - sure wish I would have kept her.

Thank you all so much for the recommendations. I will definitely keep these in mind when I start to paint. My very first reborn was the Shyann sculpt. I still love that sculpt to pieces!


The first kit I painted was Maise, because she was on sale, one year ago last month.


Aww she’s beautiful!

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Paisley was my first about 8 years ago. I thought she was the most wonderful reborn doll ever until I started looking at the beautiful work done here on the forum. We have such talented people here and you can definitely learn a lot from them. I would start on a newborn sized kit not too big and not too small. Don’t try to rush things.

Happy 1st year October anniversary, Rosa! :partying_face: You did great in your first year!
Mine is coming in January :slight_smile:

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Thank you! You are doing amazing work!

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Thank you for your kind compliment! I am humbled! It fun to see each other grow isn’t it!?

I am so happy I found this forum as soon as I started reborning. Ive learned so much from so many talented ladies here and always so nice in sharing there talent with all us beginers. Its been a wonderful 1st year!

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My first was Eleonora Hansen. She’s adorable, but wouldn’t recommend her because she’s expensive, haha.
I’d recommend a sale BB kit. Non- realborn newborn sized sleepers are easiest to start with, but you should just pick one that you like. Get a kit that you think looks cute or interesting, it’ll make the whole experience even more pleasant.

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My first was BB Jaden (now discontinued). She was a 20" sleeping baby without excessive
details. Easy to paint. I kept her. It’s good to keep your first so you can see how you progress. Just pick a not-too-expensive kit that you like a lot. Will you be using air dry or heat set paints?


My first reborn that I painted was Rosebud. Not the best but definitely a keeper


I think your Rosebud is beautiful for a first reborn. I love the sculpt!

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The first reborn I’ve owned was Adelynn by Emily Jameson, my mom bought her as a Christmas gift since I got straight A’s. The first doll I reborned was Realborn Kimberly :smile:

The first reborn I painted was “Jerome” from B-B which has since been discontinued. My advice would be to start with a newborn size (18-20 inches) sleeping baby. Setting eyes can be a real pain in the patoot sometimes. AND be sure to keep your first baby to make comparisons along the way----you will be so surprised to see how far you come in a very short time. Also, ask for AND take critique in the manner in which it is handed out—you will go a long way on that alone. @SydneysSerendipities


My first one was 6-month Easton. I would also suggest a newborn sized for a first baby, with closed eyes. Open hands if possible. I will attach a couple of pics of Silvia (Easton) here because I promised Yelena I would. So, I’ll do both things with one post! :slight_smile: