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Well, I just got my limb and belly plate in for my Luca head. They are all 3 different colors. . The belly and head are close, but I wanted to ask if these issues will even out as I apply layers, or should I try to balance the colors before I get started, so I have the same basis? Anyone else have this happen? Last time this came up I quit before I had many (or possibly any) paint on them. Sure hope ya’ll can help me out, this one is very important…


Take a deep breath, this can be done, lol. I would try to neutralize the colors to get them to match as much as possible. Hopefully after a few flesh layers they will be very close, or you might have to neutralize them a bit more. Once you start mottling I think it will really come together and not be so noticeable.
Also, remember, all our body parts are different shades so as long as they aren’t grossly different colors, it will likely add to the realism.
Good luck!!


So do you recommend the white wash as well? I think I’ll put some Flesh 7 or 8 on the legs to try and bring them closer to the belly and head. The head is already partially painted, so I’m debating stripping that and starting all over from scratch…


Here’s so mick to help out…

The last one is with he flash on the camera


Well, depending on whether you want her to have a light compexion or dark is how I would decide whether to try and match the vinyl. They seem different enough that you might have to lighten the belly plate and darken the limbs to get a match in the middle.