Been a long time(off subject)If interested in hip hop music.If not please skip


Hello everyone have been very busy with other activities.But if you like hip hop or r and b music.Please down load my single “keep stirring that Tea” My artist name is Sweet-ice…Thanks again if its something you like .Go on Cdbaby and down load …Keep stirring that Tea or look for my name artist Sweet-ice. I still make dolls. Cd baby thank you the download is 99cents


I’ll try to add the link


What? Please post a link! I’d love to support you!
Found it! It you want me do delete it let me know. I’m going back to download it now! Love the beat!


thank you so much,lol…love the support "keep stirring that Tea…lol


Thanks Anne lol,thanks


Praying for an awesome career for you! I love the song and your voice is beautiful!


bless you thanks so much


More doll support