Beautiful antique pinafores!

I was at an estate sale of a woman that was over 100 when she passed, and according to her daughter (who is almost 80!) and tags, these pinafores are dated from 1915-1918! They’re in amazing condition with absolutely no damage at all, I feel so so lucky. They were a little pricier than I usually pay for clothing ($12 a piece), but for the age and condition, I think it was a good deal! If anyone wants one, I have 10”, 16”, 20”, and 22”. If not, I’m happy to keep them in my clothing hoard :joy::joy:


For their age and condition I say you got an amazing deal!!! They are beautiful!!!

I think so too! Most items this old are very yellowed.

Now I just need to find pretty dresses to put under them. I might even get a few embroidered

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Lucky! They’re gorgeous!

Great find!