Beautiful Ana Awake on eBay! - Plus Everly/Ella Giveaway!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

We are happy to announce that we have another gorgeous Ana Awake prototype on eBay now! She was beautifully reborn by the talented artist, Andrea Heeren. Here is a link to this gorgeous little girl’s eBay auction: Ana Awake’s Auction. To be one of the first to be notified when she is released, click on the link in her item description: Ana Awake’s Item.

Also, did you see our giveaway for our new Denise Pratt kits, Everly and Ella? There will be TWO LUCKY WINNERS! …but hurry, this giveaway ends VERY SOON, Thursday of this week. Here is a link to enter: Everly and Ella Giveaway These adorable twins will also be available to purchase very soon, so keep your eye out for their release!

Happy Holidays!

Bountiful Baby


Beautiful baby!