Be Careful with This Buyer

The Ebay buyer to ban next is xdanaxscullyx. She is off her rocker. She posted on another forum about a custom I made for her. First of all she was dead set on Corine by Adrie which I thing is the ugliest kit …sorry Adrie, just my opinion. Anyway, she posted lots of photos of the finished baby which I sent her and raved about how gorgeous she is… Then she ranted about how ugly she is and listed about 20 things wrong with her. I couldnt understand because I sent her detailed photos. Then she posts dark drab photos with a very old and ugly, and faded outfit so she would look ugly in her latest post. Worse thing is, she mentions me and my business on there…so beware of this one. Ban her before she gets ya…

thanks for the heads up, i am just going to block her all together from my ebay.
Carmen in nj