BB's "Savannah", by Marissa May - DEAL OF DAY $14.98!

Hi Everyone!

Our DEAL OF THE DAY (for Thursday, November 14) is “Savannah” by Marissa May, for ONLY $14.98! This is for our item #1875, which is Savannah, but with Meg/Moby limbs. Meg, Moby, and Savannah were all sculpted by Marissa May, and are all the same size, so the limbs are interchangeable.

Savannah (item #1875) has already been set at $14.98, and will remain that price through the end of the day Wednesday, or until we run out of stock. We do not have a lot of these, so it is possible we will run out of stock before the end of day Thursday.


Our previous DEAL OF THE DAY (for Wednesday, November 13) is “Violet”, also by Marissa May, and also for only $14.98. This means that Savannah and Violet are currently both available at that price, but Violet will be going off sale soon.

Thanks so much, everyone!

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