Bb's baby kyle

heres my baby kyle…he’s the 2nd one i’ve done…anyone else like this sculpt …the pix are taken in 2 different lights…sage

He is gorgeous!!! That is what I think of him, and I have never really noticed him before!!

He is very cute. You did a wonderful job on him

I am actually working on my second Kyle right now…love that sculpt!
Your Kyle is a cutie!

This is my first Kyle. He was made for a mom of a soldier who was in boot camp at the time. She was having a terrible time and I made this little guy so she would have a reminder that her soldier wasnt so far away. His name is Private General Kyle of the Teddy Bear Peace Army. LOL

Love all those Kyles. I haven’t tried him yet. Maybe sometime though now that I have some inspiration!

Sage. He is really cute…he looks great bald, painted or rooted! And Joy, little Pvt. Kyle melts my heart every time I see him!!! I know his Mama must treasure him too!!!

I sold mine as a baby girl!

oh gosh , she is soooo sweet…sage