BB's Awake Presley! - Prototype on eBay now!


This is probably me getting lost in the new format, and the more I think I am finding my way around, the most lost I become. So, here goes: when will the Realborn kits be released? And, Presley’s prototype is incredible. Everyone one at BB must be so pleased and so proud!

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Lovely baby!

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We are estimating about 4 weeks still before they are released. :smile:

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cost aside … would this be silly for me to get as someone who has not reborned before?.. I was going to purchase a cheaper kit to do 1st … then maybe one of the realborns … over my head?

These kits will be limited. So if you want this kit I would go ahead and get it. BB will retire this kit after some time. But would I do this kit as a first time reborner NO and I would not sale my first reborn either.

Please note this just my opinion on what I would do. If you want to make this kit as a first reborn then I would do so. It’s really all up to you.

my 1st and likely 2 will be for my daughters for xmas … so that is why i was going to get the cheaper kits to “practice” on … but with my order I was going to order a realborn to save on shipping (i am in canada) … but as far as the reborn process it would be the same on both reborn/realborn? I just didnt want to get something way over my head, but I really like the Asher realborn!