BB's "50% OFF Site Wide" is continuing to taper

“************* May 27, below ********************”
Anything with less than a month’s “days in stock” was taken off sale this morning.

Items remaining at HALF PRICE are still most of the website, including:

  • 207 different Vinyl Kits HALF PRICE!
  • 50 different Bodies HALF PRICE!
  • 63 different Eyes & Eyelashes HALF PRICE!
  • 10 different Belly & Back Plates HALF PRICE!
  • 144 different other items HALF PRICE!

Many of those are planned to be taken off sale tomorrow (Saturday).

“************* May 26, below ********************”
Here is what has been taken off sale this morning (5/26/22):

  1. Premium mohair (we were selling it below cost)
  2. Any product where we have less than 14 days of stock (yesterday it was 7 days of stock was taken off sale)

The exception to #2 is some kits and bodies. There are some kits and bodies that we have less than 14 days of stock, but they are still on sale at half price.

Our Genesis paints are planned to be taken off sale this afternoon, and other things off sale tomorrow. As you know, there is a nationwide Genesis paint shortage. It is unusual to find it at all, let along see it on sale.

ALL of our kits and bodies are still at half price, and almost everything else is also still at half price. But, it is tapering… so you might want to take advantage of it while it lasts!