BBN&B Baby 5 & 6


ok- I think the color is more realistic in my last 2, and I have finally gotten rid of the sheen that the ‘shine reduction sealer’ left behind- let me know what you think!
Baby # 5 is my second Teddi by Marita Winters
Baby # 6 is Tristan by Laura Eagles


great job!!! They are lookin good!!


Oh, aren’t they precious! Their “skin” looks baby soft!


Both look very sweet and huggable…


adorable…but I would love to see more pictures


Very, very sweet. Skin looks baby-moist with no shine! Nice!


They look great!


You did a wounderful job! Now here the question i always ask, what skintone color and wash did you use?


Wow!! Good job!!


I LOVE them both you’ve done a awesome job!!! :0)


Thank you for the compliments!
I am not using a wash- I have not figured those out yet!
As far as skin tone, I just mix as I go- I think that is why I couldn’t get the twins to match!
I am working on #7- SWEET PEA ASLEEP -almost done, so I figured I’d post her too!
Then I am done until the Fall when I will start my Lane kits!


WOW! Great job!!!




Sweet babies! love your work. Great mottling! Don’t you use air dry paint too? If so, what colors did you use and which matte varnish? I think I accidently erased your pm about it. I’ve tried the satin deltaceramcoat followed by a light diluted coat of liquidtex matte on the two calebs. The mix went well on the Nolan kit but washed out the color on the calebs some. I may not have diluted the matte enough on them. Easy to add a little more color and seal a little.