BBN&B Baby #4 Gena


Ok, so I posted babies 1 & 2-
Baby # 3 had a vinyl splitting issue, but he sold despite his flaws!
I am switching sealers, because the Luminaire is leaving a sheen on the babies-
and after working so hard to find the matte paint, I don’t want the sealer, which is supposed to protect my work, to ruin it!
I am mostly finished with baby #4- Gena, to go with my Gabriel,- but their skin tones are completely different!
I don’t know how that happened! I guess you really can never duplicate them!!! lol So I figured I’d post her for suggestions before I start my Tristan Kit!


Congrats on baby #4 :0)

I agree with you, the baby has too much sheen. You can use that sheen for the lids, nose opening. It might just be my monitor-- but i’m seeing too much yellow also. I’m sure more help will be along shortly :0)


it might be my crumby camera too!
it is only an $80 walmart camera! i have to invest in a better one…so if anyone is selling one let me know!!!
i used the luminaire shine reduction sealer/ matte sealer- and it is shiny like a semi gloss - is there anything that i can put over it to fix it?
please let me know if you can think of anything!!!


I diluted the luminaire sealer because it left the doll rough feeling but it was more matte than yours. Wonder if they have changed products. It’s been a long time since I bought it from them. Before they were selling as much as they are now. I just got some liquidtex matte sealer but haven’t tried it yet. I’ll try it out now on a piece I have finished and let you know when it’s dry if it is better. I really liked the feel of the delta ceramacoat satin sealer but it left a sheen behind. I couldn’t find it in matte but they sell it online. JoAnns is supposed to have it but ours didn’t. I also always dilute the sealer and put on two thin coats and pounce it. That left little “pores” in the final process that I like.


i really appreciate the help!
i am running up to michaels now- going to buy the delta matte and the golden brand-
i will be back!


I agree with all of the suggestions. BUT I also wanted to mention the wonderful job on the hair!!! Nicely done.


Thank you! I am changing her pic, now that she is MUCH less shiny!!!


Love her hair…great job…and also love the way you’ve detailed the her hands; a lot of people forget to do that and it really adds so much when it’s done and done correctly. More pictures, please!


I think your babies are simply gorgeous. I may be looking at your changed picture, but what I am seeing is not too shiny at all. Being Nana to a one year old and a born baby watcher, I see lots of babies withh a “glow”. Could also be North Carolina in the summertime…104 here today.


I’m not seeing shiny either but I do see the yellow that was mentioned. She is lovely!!


Thank you for taking the time to respond!
I did change the order of my layers-
my last few did not have the yellow tint,
although it is not nearly as noticeable in person as in the pics-
I have posted all 9 babies that I made-
you can see the difference in the last three…I hope for the better! lol
I am now using the liquitex, which leaves almost no sheen at all-
it does make a difference…but I see what you mean about the glow!
It is very hard to make them dewy and real, but not shiny…& not dry and chalky looking-
I guess it’s just trial and error
I am now on Facebook- and my last few are listed on ebay-
you can compare the babies from the first to the 9th on my website too!
PS- your Gabriel is Wonderful!!!