BB would you please give us a Down's Syndrome Baby?

This has been discussed before on doll boards and I just do not understand why someone doesn’t do this? Melissa McCrory made the perfect face for this years ago that was sold by Paradise Galleries but it is no longer available. Here is a fabulous reborn version of it that sold for over $1200. … nsbaby.jpg
There is an obvious interest in something like this and I just do not know why no one has produced a kit yet.

That is a beautiful story of brotherly love

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Oh my gosh, that work is AMAZING. Amazing. I just…there are no words. That is absolutely beautiful.

I actually think reborns help special needs people in general and I agree there should be a market! We all already know about the UK work with Alzheimers patients, and I have another little story about reborns and special needs, I’ll be quick about it…

My son, age 10, is autistic and intellectually delayed. Obviously he isn’t great with people but the day I brought a reborn home he was IN LOVE. He picked her up, kissed her over and over and asked me why the baby wasn’t moving, etc. I explained to him that it was a doll and he said he understood but then he’d ask questions like “Why doesn’t she open her eyes?” Then he asked her name and I said Kaya and he told Kaya “I love you” and he wouldn’t put her down.

When I got my first Leah he was the same way. Today he has one of my babies that I knew I couldn’t sell and he brings her over for me to kiss, etc. He will ask me if she’s cold, things like that, if she needs a blanket.

Here is Colin with my first Leah:

She Rox uploaded this image to

I don’t know why his eyes look so crazed in that pic, LOL, he looks a little maniacal or maybe it’s just my poor camera skills…

Anyway, since “taking care of” the babies he “takes care of” his brother quite a bit now…they still bicker a lot (Colin is very very overly sensitive to sounds, etc. and of course Evan, being a 7-year-old boy, is full of sounds, LOL), Colin will do things like bring Evan a snack when he gets a snack, tell Evan “it’s time to brush your teeth!” and so on.

I feel like he’s learned some compassion and caretaking and I love it. <3

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Oh my goodness. That sounds exactly like my own son (minus the younger brother). It’s so nice to know that someone else has had a similar experience to ours. I’m currently working on a special baby for my son (one that will have his own ‘first hair-cut’ hair just because one of his sensory tics is repeatedly running his hands though his hair). I do think reborns can be very helpful in the ways that you mentioned (although I must admit, giving in to getting a puppy surprisingly turned out not to be such a bad idea, either!)

OMG - he is so sweet and look how lovingly he is holding that “baby”.

There is a kit, I think it’s called Lara. She reminds me very much of a downs baby.

BB Milo looks Downs to me!

I believe that Katy86 has one in the works that will be produced in vinyl.

Those other sculpts you all mentioned just do not capture the real essence of a baby with down’s syndrome to me and it is probably because they were not meant to. I do remember when katy86 had a beautiful sculpt of her own daughter that she was going to have produced but the mold broke if I remember correctly. I was thinking with BB having this new scanning technology they could even find a real life baby to model for a Downs Syndrome kit. Then maybe they could have the hands and feet be realistic too. I just know that this is something I have long wanted to see. If I ever run across that Dravon doll by PG I will grab him up. Funny thing is when he first came out I didn’t realize he was sculpted to be a Downs syndrome baby and he never caught my eye because the original has that horrible PG paint job. Of course once brought to life with reborning he is phenomenal! By the time I started seeing him reborn the PG doll was sold out and now they are very hard to find. Anyways, I feel sure a sculpt that is meant to be a true representation of one of these beautiful babies will surely sell well and something I hope to see in the near future. I also want a baby sized kit not a toddler.

If BB would make some down syndrome sculpts i would buy up a bunch of them!!!

$109 for a kit that all you get to see is the head? Wow.

Alicia Toner has “Jenny” up for pre-order. She is DS. You can find her with a Google search.

I like Jenny better but this one is cute so far. Just a bit of a stretch to be selling a pre-order with only a head IMO.

I think they are both truly adorable, but I agree - should be an entire kit at least

Susan, your baby girl is adorable and he limbs are perfect!

Clementine is darling!