BB Site Troubles.....?


Anyone else having trouble getting on BB right now. I was there shopping, when my cart paged timed out and now I can’t get back on the site at all :unamused:


Mine works fine


:sob: not mine. I have no idea what happened I was shopping and everything was fine then my cart stopped loading and since then I cant get on at all. But no problem with the forum.


I was having issues looking at the gallery.


Hopefully not an attack like… is dealing with


what happened over there?


Here is a post about it.

A DDOS attack

Here is the email Dave sent me this morning after I emailed him through my normal email. (I haven’t been able to go on for more than 24 hours.


I it won’t open on my iPad or my android phone.


Timing out for me now too. Just like it is doing for


Wow, yeah I’m having the same trouble with both BB and reborns. Can’t get on to either site!


Yes have had issue this past evening the forum was the only part of the site that I could access for a while I cleared history and cookies then tried again.


I just read it, thank you jenni. That really sucks. Hope they’re able to get things back up and running soon. I’m sure lots of folks are counting on sales being generated from the site especially now just before the holidays.


Did it work for after you cleared cookies?


BB’s site is working fine for me again. however is still down. I cleared my cookies and cache and it made no difference.


Nope lol did a search on google found the forum link went there and it worked however none of the other links worked . So I gave up and went to bed :smile:


Wonder if you searched on google for the site and followed that link? Don’t know but I have never been there until I got curious and went looking that is how I got on the site.


Nope lol


Well POO I guess I am out of ideas your gonna have to wait for the meanies to just go away for another day too bad folks can’t just let people be.


I’m finally able to get back on BB, but still no luck either for but…in my quest of following all sorts of links trying to get in I did come across this cute reborn store in the UK. They seem to specialize in child friendly/child’s first reborn dolls. It was something new to look at to past the time anyway :blush:


Thanks for sharing @DancesWithDolls