BB Reese WIP - Finished


Beautiful! This is so helpful. What color did you use for the warming wash?


It’s a mix of dairylide yellow, raw sienna, genesis yellow and burnt umber. You can probably get this color without using all of those, but I just dab a little here and a little there until I get something that I think looks right. I’m making a large batch and not great at remembering the recipe.


You can get that mustard color by mixing red+yellow+blue (very small blue amount).


Q.crimson wash. I usually apply until our skin tones match, then bake. I will decide after that if I want him to have a redder base. This is the first point where he looks alive to me.


When you say creasing are you creasing in the color you’re working on with mottling for each step?


Where do you put the highlights for sap green? Thanks I’m learning, and I’m sorry for all the questions!


Yes. I am building creases as I go in each color. I hi highlight a few areas on the face: nose, bridge of nose and between the brows. You have to be very careful with highlights and do them in super thin layers. I don’t recommend highlighting until you have practiced it. It took me several tries to get it right and I still have to occasionally remove it with OPT and try again before baking.


Thank you for Sharing all of your steps and pictures with us. I love the way your baby is coming out.


Spot blushing and creasing.

Almost done!


Final blush, brows, and nails. Let me know if you see anything amiss before I seal him :slight_smile:


Love how quickly he came to live for you!


He looks amazing!! Especially love his hands/nails! Great job!!


Thank you :blush: I am rather pleased with him. Now only of Darren would cooperate :roll_eyes:


Reese in blanket. What color hair? I wanted to do a ginger, but I don’t think he has the complexion for that. Two are indoor lighting, rest are daylight bulb


Thank you for sharing this with us!! Gorgeous baby!!
I am a firm believer that even after many years of doing this, there is still room to learn from other people. I love your use of colors, how you aren’t afraid to use them. (Sap green is one I have used, also.)
Look forward to seeing your finished Darren if you will share him once you are done.


Darren is around here somewhere in a different post. He looks weird to me because I had to fix my 4yo daughter’s artistic reimagining if him :roll_eyes:


He is perfect!


Everything you have done on this baby looks great. I love how you blushed him too. For some reason I always go overboard on my blushing and it ends up being too much. Your baby is perfect!


I usually apply a concentrated color to a very small area and spread like crazy. Then I go back with a sponge that has opt and lift away blush where I want it lighter.


WOW!!! :revolving_hearts: Ginger hair would be perfect. One thing I forgot to ask you, did you do flesh layers after each mottling or did you wait to apply flesh at the end?