BB Reese WIP - Finished


I used primary for my first baby. It was indeed a thousand layers.
For my next baby I am going to try some premixed colors to see what happens. I do still like using the primary colors though. It’s just not the same results every time I find.


Make the Mother color with the primary colors and wash with that.


That is what I do also, just mix them together. Just didn’t know that it’s a term for it. I like it - “Mother”.
I am relieved, so far seems like I am doing everything right :rofl:


I agree. I have several pots of custom colors that I make in batches and store. I also use a lot of the premixed colors, but not in the way that they are designed. For example, I use the BB Eyelid Purple for one of my early creasing layers.


Haha, I use Eyelid Purple for creasing and mottling too! Is it jus GA similarity or what?!


I have to ask – what is a “Mother Color”. I am learning so many new things lately on this forum. :slight_smile:


It’s mixing primary blue, red and yellow to make a wash but be sure you have your ratios right so your skin tone isn’t too blue, red or yellow. lol Experiment on what you like :slight_smile:




Blood red mottling, creasing, and first blush. Poor baby looks like he has the measles.


Your creasing looks great!


I tried it on one doll I was working on. I agree, it can get boring. I switched back to my usual methods, which are generally changing all the time! Lol


Damn, you are going to finish baby today! :rofl:
The beginning is always my favorite, then when it gets to the face detailing, eyebrows I am just drugging…


LOL, no, he is a long way from done. :sweat_smile: There are 2 more mottling layers, then veins, creasing, blushing, complexion layers, blushing, capillaries, creasing, and detailing :crazy_face::exploding_head::flushed::baby:. I expect he will be done mid-week or next weekend.


Lavender mottling and creasing.


Sap green mottling and highlights. The green really makes the lavenders pop. Shown in the same poses with two different lighting schemes.


Sap green is the color that I don’t do, so please show your colors. And thank you again for doing that!


I didn’t use sap green until recently. I thought it would make a weird looking alien baby. Once I did use it, I started getting some amazing highlights. A close study of my young children’s faces reveals quite a bit of green in several small areas. It is a color I am still learning to work with.


I also use the green color as a wash on certain dolls, but I call it army green lol.


Veining. Will go over it agian if need be in next layer.


Warming wash. This wash is a “faith wash” as the baby is looking kinda gross at this point and I just have to trust my process. The lighting also makes a major difference. Top is daylight bulb, bottom is warm white LED added to daylight bulb. I always look in both lights as the daylight is more true, but the the warm white is what most people will see in their homes.