BB Reese WIP - Finished


I have never done a WIP step by step, so here goes. Vein blue mottling and blue shading.

Mottling advice

I bought 2 Reeses! He is co cuteas a boy or a girl! :heart_eyes:

I never do blue mottling, so I should try it too. Thank you for sharing your step-by-step!


Dirty purple mottling and shading.


I have never done a step by step. I wanted to do one just to see how long it actually takes me to do each step in the process. I wish I had done it with some of my other babies. I am glad it you are enjoying it/finding it helpful :blush:


I know that for me it takes over 20. After 20 I just loosing count. I want to try primary method to see if it will get me to the desire skin tone faster.


You should try blue mottling but do it very very light if you do. It tends to make the baby look bad or sick for a few layers until it blends better into the background but the effect is very nice in the end.


Thank you! I am appreciating it too. It’s nice to see the effect different layers have over the other as you go.


You use GHSP right? I have something that might help you, if you want to pm me I can send it to you :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s necessary. Blue, Purple, Maroon, yellow ect


Indigo mottling and creasing.


Thank you. Instead of Ultramarine Blue I start with Vein Blue mottling.


@Peachtree, would you please add pictures of your color concentration. Haw dark is your indigo? I always paint so thing because of the fear of overdoing it. It would be interesting to see your color also. Thanks!


I use ultramarine blue too for washes but I will give the vein blue a try.


Just in case I would like to clarify for you that I was talking about mottling, not washing.


From right to left: vein, dirty purple, indigo. My work station is bordered by two windows and has a Cree daylight LED and a warm white CFL bulb.


I Love your setup and your Faith sign! Would you be able to bake outside so you don’t breathe in those vapors?


I have done 1 doll with the primary method. It does work well, and you can take it as far as you want to get literally any skin tone. I took it farther than I had planned, but the baby still worked out OK. It also takes a LOT of layers. It is my understanding that no matter what you use, one of the keys is very thin layers. If I am wrong, I hope one of the more experienced reborners will help us out! :slight_smile: Personally, I kinda got a little bored by the end. It is just blue, red, yellow (in any order you choose), over, and over, and over again. I may still do it again someday, but for now I am sticking to my WaterBorne paints from Hunnybuns reborn supplies. When I got those paints, it just felt so much easier and better when I put them on the doll. I think we all have our preferences, but since these are pre-mixed for the dolls, it works best for me. I am not an artist and cannot mix my own colors. Didn’t intend to write a book! Sorry…


Yes, the windows do open so that I can have better ventilation/yell at my kids in the back yard :stuck_out_tongue:. If it is windy, though, dust and other little junk gets blown all over my table. It is a convenient place because I can stash all of my baby stuff under the breakfast bar.


OK, so your ‘blue’ was Vein blue, not an Ultramarine blue. I do the same. :slight_smile:


I love your little work station too. It’s similar to my own but my window does not open lol. I have to carry my oven to another room. I also have to walk from room to room to get different lighting because the kit looks different in every room.