BB real born Jennie resculpt- mouth modified-

I didn’t really like sleeping Jennie’s mouth so I fixed it- what do you think?

Better pic


Looks nice, what did you use?

Cernit flesh matches perfectly

I love the original mouth. Makes the kit look special.


I was just wondering what you were using, have you done this before? We used to have a girl who did this but polymer clays don’t hold up well when used in this manner. You might be able to search the spyglass and get some information about it. Izzy used different types of stuff and none of them held up well. Just thought I’d mention it in case you were planning on selling this baby when it’s finished, you could wind up with an unhappy customer. We never want that stuff to happen. Good Luck though.

Thank u for letting me know- I’m still messing around with it- so far she has been sanded and it hasn’t cracked or budged.

Sorry don’t like it It changed the whole personality of the sculpt for me.:shushing_face:

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Very interesting didn’t know you could do something like that

I like it!!!

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I think the changed look aged her a little.

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It’s actually adhering very nicely to the vinyl (I didn’t think it would) I have bent and squeezed the head and it stayed put, no cracks or crumbling.

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She isn’t completed- I just took her out of the oven.

Oh ok

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Differnces of opinion…I wouldn’t ever buy this kit because I disliked the mouth as much as I disliked Celeste’s! I would be inclined to dremel her weird lower lips off if I ever ended up with her - just like I did with Celeste.

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