BB Paint Party 5/7/19


She’s beautiful!


My WIP photo.


She looks so sweet! Can’t wait to see her done.


She is so sweet and her tones look so soft and subtle. I love her dress, I need some dresses that cover 3/4 limbs. Did you use the recommended body?


@RidgetopCreations I agree she is a sweetie! Are you rooting?


Yes, I’m using the body they suggested. Thank you. :slight_smile:I found the dress brand new with tags at a thrift store :slight_smile: I’m not sure about rooting this big head :joy: so I can’t decide yet. It would look better :slight_smile: if I did.


I wanna seal ladybug tonight, so I can start on her noggin over the weekend. Should I add more color to her lips or the inside of her mouth?


She’s beautiful! I think her mouth looks great. I love her teeth!


I think I would to a tad darker lips and inside


Thank you


Wow she is coming along nicely! @Msmimi04

I am trying something different. I sealed the head let it cure and now I am rooting. Then I will finish up after. My fingers are crossed that all will end well. :crazy_face:


Thank you. I can’t wait to root her hair. I’m anxious to see how she turns out. I have her outfit picked out already.


She looks good. I have to wrap my painting up so I can start the hair too


Looking great !as you ask an opinion perhaps the inside of the mouth just a tad darker than tongue ? I don’t know open wide and look inside your mouth for comparison that works sometimes .


And that is quite the noggin too, lol


Yes it is. :grinning:


I ordered the suggested body. I got it today. I don’t like how the front and back has the same bulge. I’m gonna take mine in some.


I would have done the same thing with the body @Msmimi04 I hope the one I chose looks fine.


Which body are you using?


24" with full legs and 3/4 arms from Macphersons.