BB Paint Party 5/7/19


Love her lips!!


Do you think the babies can fit on a 3/4 arms, full leg front loading body if I go down a size? 24 inch?


:flushed: yay almost done


Beautiful babies ladies!! Sorry I have been MIA, been thinking, but I am back!! Missed y’all.


Welcome back !!


Oh my, I am so jealous, lol. I need to ship my head to you, you are on a roll


I’m trying to get as much as I can done before we purchase a building for our business. I won’t have time to reborn after that. :grin: My babies go to bed at 7 so I stay up untill 2 or 3 am. I love reborning so much :flushed:


Wip of ladybug head and arms. I’m working on creasing the legs now.


@Msmimi04 Mimi she is gorgeous!!!


Oh my, She is a cutie !! I need to update a photo on mine.


What size eyes did you use? 22 or 24


Thank you


I used 22


Thank you


Still working on tones and such, but wanted to share some progress. One with flash, one without and a ways to go but I’m enjoying


She’s looking good :slight_smile:


The babies are coming along nicely! @mcurbelo love her hair! @Msmimi04 her skin tone is nice and I lover her teeth! @aclovly Her skin tone is pretty, can’t wait to see her eyes.

Well, I am going to use the smaller body and hope for the best. If I don’t like it I will change it later!


Thanks, I was thinking of a different body but not sure which. Are you using a BB body?


Yes I am using a 3/4 arms, full leg front loading BB body. I think it 24 inches. My family has longer arms and legs. So I usually go down a size for the body. Except Riley I think I went up a size.


May be a better option, I was not that pleased with my Kitten’s recommended body either