BB Paint Party 5/7/19


My cookie



So glad you joined in !!!


Looking good. I am trying to work a bit on mine. I am slow too, so many things going on and behind the knees has been a challenge for me, lol


Thank you. Yours is looking nice. I’m actually working on 2 kits. I don’t think I’m fast. I just be up til 2am - 3am painting. I usually get home around 7pm or 8;30pm depending on the day. If I decide to work on the kits, I’ll start about 10pm.


Looking good! @RidgetopCreations
Very happy to have you join us! @candyfloss


@RidgetopCreations She is already looking cute!


Thank you for the kind comments. @mcurbelo I’m thinking girl with strawberry and cream skin tones.:slight_smile:️:two_hearts: But the skin tones never turn out the way I’m trying… LOL :grinning:


Nice I’m hoping to make cuddles a girl too. You know these babies have a mind of their own. No matter how much we picture them one way they tent to be whatever they want. That is why I don’t do costum. They never turn out how I plan. :grin:


I brought these from the goodwill today (new). They fit ladybug :beetle: perfectly. Can’t wait to finish her so I can dress her.


They are pretty! Perfect fit, wish there was a Goodwill here. :disappointed:


Those are really cute !!


Thank you


Thank you


I’m not sure about the eyebrows, but I’m loving her skin.


She’s a beauty!

Everyone’s babies look so adorable! It will be fun to watch you guys paint!


@mcurbelo her eyebrows give her the cutest expression! And Her skin tones are beautiful .


She is really cute, I’m loving her. I have got to step my game up this weekend, lol


Thank you. My husband said the same. I guess I just need to see her with hair. Or him I’m seen a boy now :grin:


First WIP;
Sorry my head got into it. Painting an Alternative - Its a secret, feel free to guess but I’m not telling, lol! You may be able to guess by next due WIP


Almost done. This kit has been fun to reborn. I can’t wait to dress her/him. Now I’m just Deciding what hair to use.