BB Paint Party 5/7/19


Wow , that was fast , She is looking good


Thank you. I have poison ivy, so I have been painting to distract me from the itch. :grin:


Here is a wip of lady bug. I wanted her a chocolate brown. But I can never get my paint mixture right. So she will stay this color. The last bake put a lil dent in her head.


Nice skin tone!


I think her colouring is great!


Thank you


Thank you


I like the color too-very nice


Beautiful @mcurbelo and @Msmimi04 you are fast painters and your dolls are looking great!:grin:
I feel like I am so slow right now. First set of primary washes and a little blushing. :slight_smile:

5 more days of school and then I will have more time to paint :grinning::two_hearts:


got the itch , i think i might join in!!


Thank you. I have been home for a few weeks :wink:
But yours is getting there. I think color babies show progress faster. I normaly paint hispanic babies, so when I do cocatian baby I find that it takes longer. Is all the layes that it takes to make the skin look realistic. Can’t wait to finish your done. Are you making boy or girl?




My cookie



So glad you joined in !!!


Looking good. I am trying to work a bit on mine. I am slow too, so many things going on and behind the knees has been a challenge for me, lol


Thank you. Yours is looking nice. I’m actually working on 2 kits. I don’t think I’m fast. I just be up til 2am - 3am painting. I usually get home around 7pm or 8;30pm depending on the day. If I decide to work on the kits, I’ll start about 10pm.


Looking good! @RidgetopCreations
Very happy to have you join us! @candyfloss


@RidgetopCreations She is already looking cute!


Thank you for the kind comments. @mcurbelo I’m thinking girl with strawberry and cream skin tones.:slight_smile:️:two_hearts: But the skin tones never turn out the way I’m trying… LOL :grinning:


Nice I’m hoping to make cuddles a girl too. You know these babies have a mind of their own. No matter how much we picture them one way they tent to be whatever they want. That is why I don’t do costum. They never turn out how I plan. :grin: