BB Paint Party 5/7/19


Donna RuBert Quads - Paint Party - Ladybug, Kitten Cuddles or Cookie

BB pic

Choose one of the kits to reborn and join us - This was started by @aclovly and @Msmimi04 I decided to join in as I thought it would be fun to paint together.

The rule is that you post your kit before you start to paint.

There will 2 WIP pics before the end date. 5/28/19 and 6/18/19 and/or anytime you want.
Ending date July 7, 2019. On that date, or when you are done, you may post as many pics as you like.

Main rule - Have Fun! Alternatives welcome but as always try not to scare our BB Forum friends!

***Note that these rules are not set in stone this is just a guideline! Please work at your own pace and post when you are done even if it is next year, lol!***


I will be painting Ladybug and here is my blank kit


I will be painting Kitten!


This sound like fun. I’ll be making Cuddles.


Looks like you are all in for a fun time it will be nice to watch the progress .


This looks like fun, I will enjoy seeing all the creations.


That’s a really fun idea!


This sounds like fun. I have Kitten in my stash, but I work way too slow on my babies. I would not be able to keep up with you ladies. It will be nice to see the progress and outcome of your babies though.


My cuddles… ready to take a bath!


I’m the same and I don’t really like the bigger babies. Maybe we can do one due next year(lol).


I am slow too @Ruth @babymaw you can always start with us and post your pic anytime you are done! There are really no set rules. I just gave deadlines so that we have them in case someone needed them. This is an open Paint Party Session. I will add that to the rules. :wink::slightly_smiling_face:


I’m thinking I might want to join in :slight_smile:
I don’t know which one I like best…


I have a lady bug


Please do, we would love to have you. I actually had a Ladybug and Cuddles. I decided to paint Ladybug first. Due to rooting a big noggin , I opted not to do both, lol


Join in, this should be fun !!


I want to join as well, I’m sad but I have ongoing customs and Azalea to work on. Hope we can do this again soon. Edit, maybe I’ll see if I can work something out after reading @Anne post

2nd edit…I just bought a Cookie kit, Ive been wanting to do her anyway, this will be fun :slight_smile:


I ordered a Kitten kit and believe I have an old gray Cookie kit, when Kitten arrives I will compare and decide, I would like to participate also.
YAY @Lil April and all.


Can I join in… I think it would be fun to watch how each artist is so unique in their own styles :grinning:
I have a Kitten.


So nice to have a lot of participants!
@Msmimi04 don’t forget to post your Ladybug here!


I posted it yesterday from my phone . It must didn’t post. I will be painting lady bug. I started on her last night. This picture is before I started. Excuse the messy work station.