BB Most Popular Kits SALE!

Hi Everyone!

I checked sales history for kits so far this year (up to 4/15/16), and put our most popular “in stock” kits on sale. Some of our most popular kits are out of stock, so I skipped those and selected the top 10 that are in stock (as of 4/16/16). These include:

  • Shyann
  • Gemma
  • Celeste
  • Realborn Kase Awake (LE)
  • Meg
  • Realborn Preemie Sleeping Thomas (LE)
  • Biracial Shyann
  • Spencer
  • Realborn Asher Awake (LE)
  • Realborn Sleeping Kase (LE)

You’ll notice that ALL of the Realborn’s in this list are “Limited Edition”, which means they won’t be restocked after they sell out. And some of them are in short supply right now.

In addition to the above ten, there are a number of other “Limited Edition” kits, as well as Realborn kits on sale. There are a LARGE number of kits on sale right now. You can see them all on our home page, here:

For the most part, any orders placed over the weekend on this sale will be shipped Monday-- unless we get swamped from this sale, in which case some of them will ship Tuesday. And I very much suspect we might get swamped.

Thanks so much, everyone, and have a great weekend!

Nevin Pratt, CEO


You are killing me here! Lol


Me, too…I just ordered another Owen and Kase Awake. Now I can make twin Kase’s…LOL…yeah…like THAT’LL happen. In my dreams! Oh, well, got him for a great price! :thumbsup:


I wanted Owen so bad but I’m gonna have to wait. My cart was getting too pricey on the things I really needed. :cry: Sales have been so slow lately for me.


List of now :slight_smile:


Sales are slow this time of year, it seems. I’m a kit hoarder who doesn’t know enough to quit.

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LOL. I hoard too. Speaking of which, I need to take inventory of what I have today. :astonished:

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Anyone know how many asher awakes are left? I hope they dont sell out soon

I know they were sold out for a few days when they did the realborn sale but BB must have came across some more because they restocked them. I would think that there aren’t that many but I don’t know that for sure. Just assuming.

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