BB Monthly Baby Pageant - Novice WINNER FIRST POST

I’d like to thank the ladies that entered in our Great Apes contest and recognize them for doing a great job on their monkeys. Thank you all for participating!

                  • Primate #1 was reborn by DJ Harmon
                  • Primate #2 was reborn by Debora Jenkins
                  • Primate #3 was reborn by Victoria Ward

[size=14]Congratulations to Debora Jenkins for coming in first in this month’s Baby Pageant![/size]

Debora - please email me with your Nursery name so that I can work up your logo.

Thanks again!


All active BB Forum members are encouraged to vote once for the primate who BEST fits all the following criteria:
… • Overall presentation: including outfit, posing, props, photography and theme
… • Painting - including nails, creases, lips, skin tones and mottling, if appropriate
… • Hair: rooting, painted/rooted or bald if appropriate for the sculpt and overall look of the primate.

Please note that you can only vote one time. If you submit a second vote, it replaces your first vote, it is not in addition to your first vote.

Which primate best represents this month’s “Great Apes” theme?

Oh so cute!

They are so cute… hope everyone votes for the BEST one!!!

They are all adorable!!!

Good job on all three, ladies.

— Begin quote from “kimomax”

Good job on all three, ladies.

— End quote

Were there not any entries in the “Advanced”, or are they just late getting posted??

No advanced monkeys or apes.

I agree with Maggie, it was a really hard decision! They’re all SO CUTE!



Voting has slowed today but I think it has been a great voter turn out. Super participation, folks.

I think 83 voted in March and 76 in April.




Vote away!!!

very cute and a lot of work!!


Only 68 votes right now… over 70 last month and over 80 in March competition… Come on ladies…VOTE

There all so cute