BB minimum order + shipping cost


That’s bad for me. I am in Canada, I can’t just purchase a kit in sale or just a body or just the supplies that I need, I have to buy at least 40$ us (51$ can) , plus 30$ (38$) for shipping, wattever is small pieces or glass beads… so 89$ for a minimum order. It’s sucks because BB have nice kits, nice supplies, nice bodies.

It’s better for me to buy 2 great kits in sale at Macphearson and have free shipping…

So now I am trying to make my own bodies…


Macphersons has bodies as well… if that is easy for you I would just do it that way.


They don’t have a lot of choice.


Hmmm. I thought they had more options than BB… perhaps more $$?I haven’t ordered bodies from them unless it comes with the kit.


I have the same issue. I am from South Africa and when you convert to rands it’s too much out of my pocket. Which I don’t have


Yeah, I’ve got the same problem in Europe. Also get income tax on top of that.
I’ve ordered from BB 3 times now I think and always buy several things at once. If I only buy for sale kits then it’s actually cheaper than buying kits over here. I’d pay about $80 for a regular kit without a body if I only purchased in Europe.


That will be great if I could just buy a kit for 25$ ! I not always have the founds or the need to buy several kits or a big order of supplies.


I’m in Canada too. I usually wait for a big sale and make a big order, $400-$600. That way the shipping is spread out over many kits and doesn’t make each one so expensive. When I was reading posts and found out people in the US were placing small orders, sometimes just one kit, it blew my mind. I had no clue that people even thought that was an option. But I guess it is for them when they only pay $7 for shipping. That’s why I have about 100 kits in my stash.


I am not sure how I could justifie a 400$-600$ expense in on time. What if you don’t sell in a few month ? I also dont have the room to stock as many kits. I struggle to stock my babies already made…
That stategie is great if you sell on a regular basis, I think.


Ya, I don’t really have the storage room either. My craft area looks like a hoarders house with bins and boxes of kits stacked all over the place. Not to mention the bins of yarn and fabric that I also hoard because I also knit and sew. So far I have only sold babies by word of mouth, although I would like to try the internet sometime. Usually I have people waiting for babies so I don’t have to worry about storing any finished ones. I normally just have one or two completed ones hanging around until they are picked up. I was only charging for my babies to barely cover the cost of supplies, but this year everyone finally convinced me that my time is worth something and I put my price up. This summer is the first time that I actually got to get ahead of my orders so I’m prepared for Christmas this year. I just don’t know how well they will sell now with a higher price since I don’t advertise. When a person hears about my babies from someone and then they contact me, they are going to be shocked when I say the price. If they aren’t selling by word of mouth with the higher price I might have to advertise and sell online.