BB kits have me spoiled

Has anyone worked with the peachy kits for Elisa Marx? Bountiful Baby kits have spoiled me (they are the perfect canvas). I don’t even know where to start with these kits…

I neutralize with blue /purple but it’s not possible to get it as pale as BB kits. I work with this, take less layers to have the skin tone.

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So how many layers would you suggest? I hate that peachy vinyl but I love Elisa’a babies, they are SO expressive.

I use air dry and do very dilute layers, about 3-5. I guess you can do more but blue stain…

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Thank you I will try that

I did one recently and didn’t neutralize at all. Just painted as normal and did less pink layers but she turned out the perfect newborn pinkness pretty easily.

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That sounfds like the best solution- seriously - I tried nuetralizing it but it got all chalky…:cold_sweat:

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I’ve never neutralized a kit :speak_no_evil: I just see where it takes me! haha


Same lol. I just work as I see it and let the kit do its thing. Worse case scenario is strip it and re do it if looks bad lol

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I’ve never neutralized a kit. I too just go from the original vinyl color and the kit takes me where it needs to go. Some take lots of mixing and loads of layers of paint and some no where near as many, but I just paint until it looks like it’s finished. Hard to explain, but it works for me!