BB kits for sale

I have some kits for sale if anyone is interested. Wanted to try here before I go to e-bay!

  1. TABITHA by Pat Moulton - Peach Vinyl >>$32.25 includes shipping. I tried several times to paint this kit but couldn’t get the color to look quite right, so this kits has been stripped several times but is still in excellent condition.

  2. TREY by Michelle Fagan - Pink vinyl >>$22.50 includes shipping.

  3. SYDNEY by Pat Moulton - Pink vinyl >>$22.50 includes shipping.

  4. BAYLEE by Lorna Miller - Pink vinyl >>$22.50 includes shipping.

If interested in any of these kits just PM me and I will get it right to ya! Thanks! Casey

I would really like Baylee if you still have it!

Trey and Baylee are both sold. Still have Tabitha and Sydney available. I have added two more kits:
ROBIN by Michelle Fagan (pink) >> $22.50 includes shipping
KAYA by Eva Helland (pink) >> $22.50 includes shipping

If anyone is interested please PM me. Thanks!! Casey