BB Genesis Paints CLOSEOUT

Hi Everyone!

To follow up with yesterday’s email, I just added the following Genesis paints to our CLOSEOUT list:

  1. Genesis Burnt Sienna
  2. Genesis Orange
  3. Genesis Phthalo Blue 07
  4. Orangutan Paint Set of 5 Genesis Colors (note that the individual jars of this set can still be purchased separately, and will not be closed out— only the combined set is being discontinued)

All of the above have been significantly marked down for this closeout.

Additionally, 39 different Genesis offerings are now in the “Overstocks” area, and have also been marked down.

These additions mean that 106 “Overstocks” items are now on sale, and 257 “Closeout” items are now on sale, for a grand total of 363 different sale items.

As mentioned yesterday, I plan to leave the closeout items on sale until they are gone (they are selling well and dropping off the website, one by one). And, with the “Overstock” items, my plan is to leave them on sale until the computer says they are no longer “overstocked”. I don’t really know when that will be, but they also will be dropping off one by one as this happens.

If you click the “Special Deals” link in our menu bar, you will see subcategories of “Closeouts” and “Overstocks” nicely separated.

Thanks so much, everyone!

Nevin Pratt
CEO, Bountiful Baby