BB December one-time use 25% coupon

For those who didn’t know or didn’t see it on another thread…


I might be able to all depending on $ cause I got to think gas in car bills etc but if I can I plan on it


Thanks for the reminder❤️…totally forgot!

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I love you for this! Thanks bunches


Am I the only one having a heck of a time trying to see what date the days are? The wood panel lines are darker than the date box and I am confused every time I look at it this week. LOL

December 1-25

I mean on the actual calendar… it has double lines from the wood panel background lol

lol I never even noticed that.

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So it is just me that it bugs! LOL

hahaha :wink:

Hmm…I just tried to use it but it said that it wasn’t valid for the items in my cart.

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Was your total over $150? If yes I would contact them and ask for help.

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I knew the discount code was for $150 or more, but completely forgot! No, my total was under $30. BB’s computer must think I’m an idiot. :crazy_face:


Thanks for pointing this out to us. We didn’t even notice :blush: We’ll be sure to watch for that in the future.


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