BB Closeout News - 7/13/22

  1. Our closeout “Kit of the Day” is Rina (20" Reborn Doll Kit), @ 70% OFF!

  2. Closeout kits that were 50% off are now 55% off!

  3. Closeout bodies were 50% off, and are now 60% off!

  4. Closeout eyes & eyelashes were 40% off, and are now 55% off!

  5. Closeout doll body joints are now 85% off!

  6. Closeout ROSE 2022 calendar now just $0.49!

  7. Closeout ROSE 2022 Vendor Bag, was $14.95, now just $1.99!

You can see all of these on our home page,

When they are gone, they are gone forever!

Nevin Pratt, CEO

Hi, I thought you sent emails out a few months ago, before the Rose Doll Show, that you would be having new Kinby dolls coming out. Is that not happening anymore? Are you closing the line completely? Just wanted to know because my daughter really loves her Kinby babies and was so excited to hear new ones were coming out.



We had a couple more in the production queue, but probably won’t move forward with them. So I would get what’s there while they are still available.


Okay thank you so much for the response.

That is dissappinting i was excited for the new ones to come out.