BB Chat rooms?

How fun would it be if we could all talk to each other in a chat room here !! Do you think if we ask BB they could make it happen? Would anyone be interested in a chat room?

that would be fun! Id like that!

i love talking to all of you but it would be even better to have instant replies

That could be fun. Go for it!

how about it bb? can it be done?

how do we ask BB directly?

it would be fun because we could all plan a time to come on, meet up n chat

Exactly !! I see all you guys are on here and I wish we could all talk. Hopefully they can do it. I dont have any idea whats involved in creating a chat room but I sure would like it.

You can add me. Kim kasakaitas. I am on tv. (supposed to be fb)

NOT—I’m not on TV, sorry to get people all excited! I was responding via my phone and it obviouslly didn’t like fb for facebook in the spell check. Sorry about that.

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can you add me please?? my name is Katie Perry from new bedford, ma (perry is my husbands last name, gadomski is maiden)

Katie, are you listed as Katie Perry on FB? I am trying to find you.
Judy, do we need to have everyone as a friend or just need to be on FB?

I guess I’ll have to be left out on this, I dont facebook. But if BB ever makes a chat room here I’ll chat you all up for sure.