BB bodies - toddler sturdy..?


How sturdy are they…? Do you think they will hold up to a toddler? I’m not planning on weighting the baby if that makes any difference. Just stuffing it.


Are you asking if a baby with BB body will stand up to the play of a toddler ? If that is the question probably as good as the baby would .


I have only done for 6 and up. Had one customer that her neice was playing with and nephew ripped the arm off it. Rooted hair will not work. They do not understand how to take care of it. Usually not good idea for a toddler.


My 2 yr old plays with one that is stuffed only and not weighted. It has held up but she is not very rough on her toys, it’s a 13” doll.


Yes. My daughter is in LOVE with my reborn as well as the one I am making. I thought maybe one of her own might get her to leave mine alone without screaming :wink:


I say go for it! I bet it might take her mind off of the one you are working on!


It might be an idea to go with as long as you make it with her age in mind could save you some headaches with her wanting yours.


Awesome! You all should have seen how excited she was about my Faith’s HEAD :joy: She giggles and hopped and shrieked ‘Baby!’ And I had to distract her with a gogurt when I had to put it back, lol


She probably wouldn’t even care if it’s completely painted. I’d put a little blushing on it, paint the lips and a little hair and give it to her.


lol you’re probably right, since she’s thrilled with this :joy: Good idea, lady!