BB Biracial Kate

She has the worst limbs that I have ever painted. I tried a cuddle body, but I must not be doing something right as it looked weird. Anyways, here’s Kate!


She’s gorgeous! I love that blue on her!

Thanks! It is a sweet little set currently at Walmart. The wind was really at her hair, so I may have to redo the photos, but I got her listed for now. Fingers crossed!


Her hair looks great, even in the wind! It looks realistic, real baby’s hair isn’t always neat and tidy. Although I have trouble letting it be messy for pics too lol


She has such a sweet little face.

She’s a beauty:)

She is beautiful!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

She is very cute!
I see what you mean about her limbs but I think they give her more character and that skin complexion is beautiful!

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She’s beautiful! I just bought that outfit yesterday. Mine came with a little sweater and a head band.

She’s beautiful; I love her! :heart_eyes:

Oh my goodness!! She’s adorable. I love those skin tones!! :heart_eyes:

Cutest lips!!

Beautiful! Love seeing these older kits shown some real :heart: love

She is precious!!! I love her skin tone!